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Who We Help

Everyone, anyone needs mental health and wellness support programs from a professional. It is not easy to claim 100% optimal, because as situations change, so does our mental wellness. Break the stigma,seek help for yourself self and your Loved ones, speak up, we will listen to you with empathy and help as much as it can possibly happen.


Individual & Couples Counseling

We offer short-term individual and couples counseling. We help address personal and emotional issues


Nature Therapy In Awareness Creation

There are so many different ways you can connect with nature from going on a nature walk or picnic to gardening, wildlife watching, meditating, forest bathing or just simply sitting and listening to the sights and sounds around you. Find a comfortable place to sit or stand.


Music and Dance In Advocacy

Dancing and other movements allow a person to express themselves and let loose. When a person feels free, the body releases happy hormones like dopamine. This hormone helps lift a person's mood and alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression.



The Counseling Center is available for workshops dealing with all types of mental health and career exploration concerns on our campus. Please contact us if you would like us to provide any psychoeducational presentations for your organization or group.


Group Therapies

We provide help to group to increase self-understanding and enhance personal relationships while receiving feedback and support from peers,enhancing team building.

Why Choose Us


We dedicate to high ethical standards of professionalism that govern the counseling fraternity.Confidentiality is our core value, unconditional positive regard, advanced empathy guides our client centered approach in service delivery


We offer high quality service according to the Kenya Counselor's and Phychologists(KCPA) standards at affordable rates as a way of reaching out to the community and an effort to bridge the gap in Mental Health and Psycholsocial support(MHPSS) in our society ,because we are a grass root organization

Human Rights Friendly

We respect and value human rights of our clients with dignity and integrity while we alleviate the pain for the suffering


Amsowel Counseling Center works on consortiums with like minded organizations,govrnment structures and individuals. This helps us facilitate a complete referral pathway where need arises.

Our Big 4 Agenda

Facilitating Behaviour Change

Attempts to conduct a constructive conversation about change in which the practitioner tries to understand how the patient feels about change.

Promoting Decision-Making

Counseling will help individuals obtain information, and to clarify emotional concerns that may interfere with or be related to the decisions involved.

Promoting client potential identification.

Counseling seeks to maximize an individual’s freedom by giving him or her control over their environment while analyzing responsiveness and reaction to the environment.

Enhancing the client’s effectiveness and ability to cope.

We build learned coping mechanisms and routines throughout our lives, but they may not always be effective. Everyone, whether in or out of therapy, has to set goals.

Tests And Mesurements

List Psychological offers psychological testing services in addition to our psychiatric evaluations:

  • Learning disabilities assessments
  • Mental status exammination
  • Neuropsychological testing
  • Drug and substance abuse test
  • Personality testing

We have found that this policy best meets the needs of the individual client while also better serving the broader community.